Lyngrove is beautifully situated near Stellenbosch, on a hill overlooking the Helderberg Mountain on the one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other. Although viticulture in the Western Cape is relatively young, the geology is not, resulting in some of the most ancient viticulture soils in the world. Our soils generally consist of sandy topsoil nestled on weathered decomposed granite and clay.  Tukulu type soils are found on the mountain foothill slopes and on ranges of hills. The soils then change to Pinedene type soils with a higher content of clay and good water retention. In the dry summer months we make use of drip irrigation to supplement the moisture of the soils to ensure optimum ripening conditions. Some of the soils are also predominantly Koffieklip (coffee-stone) which is a combination of clay and iron-rich soils.

Lyngrove enjoys a Mediterranean climate with warm, dry summers and winter rainfall. Maritime influences from the Atlantic Ocean and the moderating effect from the legendary southeaster wind called “the Cape doctor”, ensures an ideal climate for our vines.